Data Protection

The protection of personal data is our significant policy. We give attention to our personal data confidentially and complying with the statutory regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and further data protection regulations.

Consent about data protection
With your permission, your data will be collected, processed, and used for the following purposes:

  • Preparation, organization and hosting of the conference
  • Provision of services within the unisonSteadfast network
  • Reservation of a hotel room (if applicable)

The collection, processing and use of your data takes place on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, you can revoke your consent at any time without any adverse consequences.

Please send any notice of cancellation to:

Upon your cancellation, your personal data will be deleted within 3 working days.

Free Access and closing User Groups
As an Internet user you have free access to the unisonSteadfast Website without giving your personal data. In case your personal data is collected while visiting our website (e.g. name, postal and e-mail address), this always happens on a voluntary basis. The access to some areas (Member area) has been protected with password and specified authorities. The reasons therefore are:

  • Business transactions, which require a high security level
  • Applications for clients, members and business partners

We do not collect statistic data and personal attributed data. The Google Analytics functions on our website have been deactivated. There are no cookies.

Which personal data do we collect?
The named insured, the assured, the insurers, the insurance brokers and other business partners.
In order to arrange and analyze the insured risks, we used to collect information on potential named insureds, assureds, insurers, insurance brokers and other business partners. This information might be background information and contact information of potential assured, named insured or their representatives/agencies and issues which are essential for risk evaluation and management of insurance policies as well. The afore-mentioned parties could be an individual, a company or their representatives/agencies. The quantity and the type of personal data which we collect and use, depend on the insurance line and could involve information on other persons, which need to be provided within the scope of the respective insurance. Furthermore, we might publish information about your professional expertise and experience for marketing purposes.

Service providers
Service providers are third parties to whom we assign certain functions within the scope of our business activities, e.g. support with managing and setting up new policy items. Some of them use cloud-based IT applications or systems, i.e. your personal data will be hosted on their servers, which is, however, under our control and administration. The confidence and safety of your personal data at our service providers are secured contractually.
International transfer
We might share your personal data with our business partners outside Europe. We also might allow our service providers accessing your personal data. In such cases, we always take measures to ensure that all transferred information to international partners will be handled carefully and attentively. Your concerns and your rights are always protected. Transfer to service providers and other third parties is always protected by contractual duties and further safety measures.

Photos of our conferences/events
We used to take photos at the conference facilities as well as at various networking events so that we can share the experience and memories with you in follow-up communications. Please be kindly advised that these photos will be published on our website ( for marketing purposes and for unlimited time. Since the photos are available worldwide on the Internet, a subsequent use by third parties can therefore not be generally excluded. We assume that you have given us your consent to publish your photos on our website and to use them for advertising and marketing purposes. Your consent can be revoked at any time with immediate effect. Your photographs will then be removed from our website within two working days upon receipt of the revocation. Regarding group photos, please kindly note that the subsequent revocation of a single person cannot be considered.

Consent/ Voluntariness
Without your explicit consent, there will be no automated collection, processing or use of your personal data. Upon your request of some products (e.g. magazine unisonTimes notification), you give us your personal data voluntarily.
According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right

  • to be informed (free of charge) about your personal data, which have been saved and used by us, and under certain requirements, a right
  • to adjust, to block and to delete this information
  • to revoke an existing consent about collecting, processing and using your Internet user data without mentioning any reason
  • to review/ see your Internet user data at anytime.

We will delete the stored data as soon as the legal or contractual retention period of record-keeping has been reached or if the data is not needed anymore.

For any questions, please contact our data protection officer at:

Use of Google Maps
Our website uses Google Maps for showing directions.
Google Maps is operated by:
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By using this website, you agree that your data given during your visit can be collected, processed and used by Google, its representatives or third parties. The terms of use for Google maps and more information in detail are available at the terms of service.