New York

It’s Brooklyn’s time to shine

A cultural melting pot, rich in history meets an evolving site for innovative start-ups and forward-thinking initiatives.

When the Dutch colonialists first settled in the area east of Manhattan at the western edge of Long Island in the 17th century, “Breukelen” became the first municipality in nowadays’ New York State. It was a city of its own before it was incorporated into the Greater New York area in the 19th century.

Thanks to its historical background as an immigration hub, Brooklyn is even more characterized by cultural and ethnical diversity. Today, there are numerous groups of different ethnic origins, from European over Caribbean and Latin Americans, through African and Asian Americans.

Not only do the diverse ethnic groups create a vibrant mix of cultures. Brooklyn itself maintains a character of its own and is a place full of contrasts. It offers a variety of distinct neighborhoods, an independent modern art and design scene and a unique architectural heritage.

Nowadays, Downtown Brooklyn is the third largest business district in New York City. Since 2010, Brooklyn has been the thriving hub of entrepreneurship as well as high-technology start-up firms, being second in the U.S. when it comes to growth of tech start-ups over the past ten years, only lagging behind San Francisco.

Being home to the forward-thinking community known for their vitality and creative spirit, Brooklyn has become an incubator of countless urban sustainability innovations.

As one of the pioneers in the region, Brooklyn has established quite a number of sustainability initiatives and organizations dedicated to food-saving and waste-reducing projects, among others.

Green community spaces have been created and the residents increasingly take much pleasure in growing fruits and vegetables in Brooklyn’s city gardens as well as collecting honey from the community’s bee hives.

Buying local products and “green” fashion is becoming ever more popular with the people in Brooklyn and the increasing awareness that much more needs to be done to reduce the impact of the human habits on our environment drives innovation – for a sustainable and livable future.



1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
Inspired by nature. Made in Brooklyn.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge stands at the edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park, looking across the East River at the Lower Manhattan skyline, a view that is unique among New York hotels. However, it is not just the spectacular views that set this hotel apart from the rest.

Designed to honor and protect nature, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge commits to environmentally responsible hospitality and sustainability.

The hotel operates entirely on wind power and uses a snazzy rain-water reclamation system to irrigate neighboring Brooklyn Park.

From the low-energy bulbs, to the five-minute timer in the showers to remind guests of water wastage, this is a hotel that truly lives up to its eco-conscious claims. In addition, amenities include a farm stand in the lobby; botanically-driven cocktail program by Arley Marks, complimentary rides in all-electric Audi e-tron, and valet parking for bicycles.


Discover NYC

New York is so big and so diverse that you could live here four lifetimes and not experience all the amazing things the city has to offer. Even figuring out where to start your NYC trip is a daunting task. But we want to help you cut down the impossibly long list of ways to spend your day in NYC after the busy conference. Here are just some of the activities to help you feel NYC’s beating heart.

Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a true feat of 19th century engineering and arguably the one walk every visitor must take.

When the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed in 1883 - extending 1,595 feet across the East River, connecting lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights, - it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It has remained the iconic landmark of the city ever since. The Brooklyn side of the bridge ends in gorgeous Dumbo, where you can explore Brooklyn Bridge Park, gaze at lady Liberty or visit the Brooklyn Flea on Sundays.

Bike the Big Apple

New York is one of the most walkable cities in the world, thanks in part to Manhattan’s grid-pattern layout. But with more than 1,200 miles of bike lanes and routes—many of which have been added in the past decade—it’s also quite bike-friendly.

Traveling by bike is the perfect way to truly experience the diverse neighborhoods of the city. Two-wheeled transit is an increasingly popular and accessible way to navigate the city while taking in some extraordinary vistas on your way. Bonus for visitors: you can squeeze in more sightseeing in a shorter amount of time.

Walk the High Line

The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. Saved from demolition by neighborhood residents and the City of New York, the High Line opened in 2009 as a hybrid public space where visitors experience nature, art, and design. It’s a tribute to the past and a shining example of how that past can be preserved and revitalized.

Step into a different era at Carnegie Club

Your New York experience would not be complete without the beautiful Frank Sinatra classics. Hardly anyone is associated with New York more than this great singer and artist, whose impact on American culture is as striking today as it was during the height of his career. If you cannot get enough of Sinatra after our Gala Dinner – our homage to Frank Sinatra, you should not miss the Saturday Sinatra show at the Carnegie Club. The Carnegie Club is home to New York City’s longest running Sinatra Show featuring Steven Maglio and the Stan Rubin 11-Piece Orchestra which have been dazzling audiences for over two decades. Enjoy a fine cigar, single malt scotch, and live music at one of the most exclusive lounges in New York City.


“Start spreading the news I’m leaving today I want to be a part of it New York, New York!

I want to wake up in a city That never sleeps And find I’m king of the hill Top of the heap!”
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